Software Testing Services

The Need for Software Testing Services

Organizations today prioritize on quality, aiming to build products that live up to the end users’ expectations, and software development is no different. The increasing demand for the 'high quality' software products has made it imperative for organizations to adopt quality models like International Standard Organization (ISO) 9001, Capability Maturity Model Integration (Comma) or Six Sigma. The need for pro-active Quality Assurance has increased tremendously. To make a mark and stand out in an increasingly competitive market, software development firms seek solutions that help them launch high quality, bug-free software in the shortest time.

In today's fast growing world of Internet, customers need products to be implemented and updated faster than their competitors, i.e. in short time, with zero defects. The Digital Group (T/DG) designs and delivers solutions that leverage profound industry-specific understanding with technology specific competencies by implementing quality models along with Certified Testing methodology's which makes Software Quality process simple and transparent.

Here are some of the challenges faced by organizations when it comes to software testing:
  • Dealing with increasing regression testing work with project expansion
  • Finding testers who are highly skilled
  • Testing under time constraint to meet tight deadlines
  • Testing across multiple browsers and platforms simultaneously
  • Having to write test scripts repeatedly
  • Analyzing test failures effectively to draw results

Customized Solutions to Cater to the Most Complex Testing Needs

Our software testing solutions assist organizations to deliver consistent, high quality testing for web and mobile based applications. We provide comprehensive testing on the most modern web platforms that incorporate AJAX, JQUERY and other popular Java Script Frameworks like Knockout.js, Angular.js, React.js etc. We help you reduce software testing efforts by implementing customized software Test Processes that are a result of our experience of working with proven models that give results.

Here's How We Can Help You:

Performance Testing

Reduced software testing efforts by implementing customized software Test Processes using proven models from markets and experience. The areas covered under performance testing are load testing, stress or torture testing, volume testing, scalability testing, stability testing.

Application / App Testing

With over 10 years of experience in quality assurance, The Digital Group (T/DG) provides end to end web testing and software testing automation solutions that discover the vulnerabilities, functionality and performance issues across multiple platforms and browsers.

Software Testing Methodologies

There are many methodologies and models to develop and test a software. The Digital Group implements the most efficient testing methodologies to design effective software quality assurance testing services that allow our clients to choose the most suitable models based on testing needs.


Our Approach to Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

Our software testing approach is based on a pro-active model where defect prevention is given higher importance than defect identification, where the defects are found and fixed before the build is created. We do context driven testing where each project has its own context and the value of testing is enhanced by understanding and using it as an essential reference.

As a part of Software Quality process, we emphasize on both, structural and nonstructural aspects of the system. Nonstructural aspects relate to functional requirements of the system. Structural aspects refer to reliability, maintainability, availability, performance and others. Structural quality is evaluated through the analysis of the software's inner structures and its source code at the unit level, the technology level and the system level. It adheres to the comprehensive principles of software architecture.

We at The Digital Group follow CSIQ defined structural quality testing along the 5 stages:
Here are the elements of our three-fold approach to our powerful Software Quality Assurance services:
  • Research - We always ask questions as we research for the most suitable solutions. We learn as we test and we Design as we Execute. Quality begins with us. Our team is committed to innovation, and dedicate time and effort to consistently come up with better ways to help our clients achieve their business goals.
  • Trials - We propose testing a pilot project, which allows us to get familiar with the application to be tested, as well as the project team. This proves to be a valuable point of reference for future estimations regarding the project, such as identification of critical issues and setting up a workflow. The trial runs are followed by several small iterations, depending on the project requirements.
  • Work - At The Digital Group, we love what we do and we approach every project with passion and this inspires us to deliver superior quality every time. We set goals for every project, follow a structured method, carefully document the work by using efficient tools, and report apt metrics to provide efficient and effective decision making support. We use automation testing tool to support manual testing, to benefit the testing process, and to automate all that is repetitive and automatable

Why Partner with Us to Achieve Your Goals in Software Testing

  • Highly effective solutions with a proven track record success
  • Highly experienced and globally certified professionals
  • Dedicated teams for each project for faster time to market
  • Quick results with our blended model consisting of both onshore and offshore teams
  • Cost reduction by 30-40% with flexible models and price structure
  • Tailor-made solutions that are a result of domain knowledge of multiple industry verticals

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