Web Application Testing

web application testing services

The Digital Group provides wide range of web application and website testing services with the support of our intense web application expertise and more than 10 years of experience in Quality Assurance (QA). We provide end to end web testing solutions that discover the vulnerabilities, functionality and performance issues across multiple platforms and browsers. Our approach includes some or all testing types depending on the customer web testing requirements: Module/Functional testing, Usability testing, Interface testing, Compatibility testing and Security testing.

Module Testing
Module Testing

It is a first level of testing which includes the testing of all the links (outgoing links, internal links, Anchor links, MailTo links); Testing forms (scripting checks, check for default values, readability, test cookies) ; Validating HTML/CSS (Syntax checking, color schema, Standard compliance ) and Database testing.

Usability Testing
Usability Testing

It includes validating the data on the site and verifying the usability of the site. This is carried out by testers similar to the target audience.

Interface Testing
Interface Testing

Interface Testing is performed to check if all the interactions across the servers (Application, Web and Database) are executed correctly Error can be handled appropriately, to ensure that if any database or webserver returns error, the application server should identify and display the error.

Compatibility Testing
Compatibility Testing

We check the cross browser functionality, mobile compatibility and operating system compatibility.

Security Compatibility Testing
Security Compatibility Testing

We perform site testing for the Security aspect of the site. Test activities carried out are as follows

  • Unauthorized access to secure pages should not be permitted
  • Restricted files should not be downloadable without appropriate access
  • Check sessions are automatically killed after prolonged user inactivity
  • On use of SSL certificates, website should re-direct to encrypted SSL pages
Some of the T/DG tested applications are as follows:
  • Mail applications –outlook
  • Databases –Microsoft sql, MYSQL
  • For some specific Operating features
  • Mobile telephony applications
  • Wireless environments

Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing Services

The users are shifting to smart phones and mobile devices. This has become a necessity than a requirement in today's world. With multiple operating systems, thousands of devices in the market and widespread users; it's important to have a 360 degree Quality. This means we cannot quit even after the application is launched in the market.

  • Poor Network
  • Lots of users
  • Lots of Devices

We at T/DG ensure that application is user friendly to meet real world situations like

  • Range of Devices
  • Real Devices
  • Geographic location
  • Software update
Mobile Platforms
  • Android app Testing
  • IPAD app Testing
  • Iphone app Testing
  • Blackberry Testing
  • Windows phone Testing

Desktop Testing

Desktop Testing Services

We can't ignore Desktop app testing just because Mobile apps are taking the market. It's still believed that there are Millions of users who interact with Desktops every day. These apps are also required to be tested to maintain quality.

During the desktop testing, the focus is on the specific environment App,that runs on personal computers or work stations. Application needs to be tested completely based on (GUI) Graphical User Interface, Functionality, Load, Security & Databases.