Application Testing Services to Maximize Testing Success

As organizations increasingly emphasize on the quality of software products to gain a competitive edge and ensure customer satisfaction and reliability, there is a growing need for effective testing methods and tools.

Here are some of the common points that enterprises seek in a App Testing Service provider:
  • Successful testing across different screen sizes and operating systems.
  • Maximum test coverage in minimum time with an effective testing strategy.
  • The right process set-up to identify bugs early in the software lifecycle.
  • Skilled testers with sound knowledge about the business domain.
  • Testing under time constraints to meet strict deadlines.
  • In-depth reports for thorough analysis of test cases.

How Digital Group Can Help You Overcome the Challenges in App/Application Testing

With over 10 years of experience in quality assurance (QA), The Digital Group (T/DG) provides end-to-end application testing solutions that discover the vulnerabilities, functionality and performance issues with applications across multiple platforms and browsers. Our solutions in the application testing domain have helped our clients achieve maximum test coverage and high quality standards, quickly and with less efforts.

Here’s How We Can Help You

T/DG offers range of testing services that cover web applications, mobile applications and desktop applications testing services.

Our industry leading testing solutions combined with the expertise of a team of skilled software testing professionals, is what you need to identify the bugs and issues in your web application and also understand how to prevent them in future.

Given below are the components of our comprehensive approach to web application testing:

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing - Our team of experts test the functionality of the web application along with the layouts, font colour and font type, and other details that comprise the UI. The testing team also focuses on the compatibility of the app across different browsers, namely Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
  • Performance Testing - We subject your web application to varying load conditions to measure key parameters, such as scalability, responsiveness, speed and stability to determine its maximum tolerance levels.
  • Functional Testing - We ensure your web application meets the desired specifications through manual, automated and semi-automated functional testing.
  • Security Testing - We evaluate your web application for vulnerabilities by simulating attacks and threats induced manually as well as through test automation tools.
  • Usability Testing - Usability testing complements GUI testing and our testing team works on improving the inconsistencies in the UI of your web app to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience.

The Digital Group has a vast expertise in the field of mobile app testing services and has successfully tested some of the most complex apps built on New and top end technology

Our offerings include manual testing as well as automation testing, and we design our solutions based on the testing requirements of our clients.

Given below are the components of our comprehensive approach to mobile application testing:

  • Test Automation - We offer test automation solutions to reduce the efforts and time required in repetitive testing. Our automation testing solutions help your team generate automatic reports to derive insights and statistics on the testing process, which makes improvement easy and accurate.
  • Performance Testing - We subject your mobile application to varying load conditions to help you gain insights on its stability, scalability, speed and responsiveness.
  • Functional Testing - We offer manual, semi-automated and automated testing to ensure your mobile application meets the desired specifications.

With over a decade of experience in desktop application testing across different domains and industries, The Digital Group offers a comprehensive testing solution to meet every testing requirement of our clients.

Given below are some of the key components of desktop application testing:

  • Functional Testing - We perform functional testing on your desktop application to validate whether it meets the pre-defined set of specifications.
  • Performance Testing - Our team offers performance testing to check the stability, scalability, responsiveness and speed of your desktop application under varying measures of load.
  • Hardware & Software Compatibility Testing - Our team tests the compatibility of your desktop application with different browsers, operating systems and hardware, to ensure every user gets the best experience that you intend to provide them.
  • UI Testing - We perform UI testing on your app to ensure it follows the desired set of specifications when it comes to how the user interacts with the app, to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience.
  • Beta Testing - We offer beta testing for your desktop application by simulating the user behavior and interactions with your app, to validate usability, functionality and compatibility of your app.
  • Smoke Testing - Our team performs smoke testing to ensure the most important functions of your desktop application are performing as desired. It also tests the stability of your app’s build.

Why Choose Us for Application/App Testing Services

  • Complete end-to-end test management for maximum test coverage.
  • Effective identification of failures during the early stages of the application lifecycle.
  • Recording feature of test case activities to save time using our test automation solution.
  • Comprehensive testing across different browsers and platforms for seamless application performance.
  • Access to a team of highly skilled testers with extensive experience in the application testing domain.
  • Maximum test coverage in less time to facilitate adherence to strict deadlines.


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