Integrated Quality ManagementPOLICY

Integrated Quality Management Policy

The Digital Group (TDG) is committed to comply with client requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of Integrated Management System based on Internal Benchmarks matching to the requirements of international standard management systems.

Stakeholder satisfaction is ensured through efficient communication, services, security practices and review mechanism.

Excelled IT services by deploying appropriate practices and security controls.

TDG emphasizes on protecting the information assets from perceived threats from internal or external sources that may be deliberate or accidental.

Information shall be made available with minimal disruption to stakeholders on need base as required by the business processes. The confidentiality of the information is maintained with practices that leads to integrity.

TDG is committed to improve the Resilience to the critical business activities by practicing the business continuity strategy derived from the business impact analysis.

TDG practices the operations of business continuity management with business scenario testing and thereby continually improving the availability of the operations with system.